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1L Round Bottle

Product introduction
The 1L round bottle is made of food contact grade materials, produced in a dust-free workshop. Free from plasticizers, the light-weighted PET bottles are qualified as a food contact material with remarkable shock resistance and sealing performance, ideally designed for the convenient storage and transportation of soy sauce. On top of that, PET features environmentally friendly recyclability. The 1L round bottle is often used for packaging soy sauce, oyster sauce and vinegar. We have rich production experience and stable product quality. The company continues to invest every year to introduce new equipment, optimize production capacity, to ensure that customers provide quality products.

Product Features
Pure new material production
More than ten years of production experience
Safe and reliable

Product Parameters
Usage: Sauce bottle/Oil bottle
Product name: PET Plastic Sauce Bottles
Volume: 1L
Shape: Round Shape
Color: Transparent
Neck size:27mm
Use: Sauce/Oil
Plastic Type: PET
Place of Origin: CN
Base Material: PET
Body Material: PET
Collar Material: PET
Sealing Type: cap

Application and After-Sales Service
Sauce, Cooking oil, Vinegar, and other liquid packaging.

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