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1L Square Bottle

Product introduction
The 1L square bottle is made of food contact grade materials ,produced in a dust-free workshop. The use of plastic products is very common in life, easy to use and easy to carry, and has been recognized by the majority of customers, but there will be some problems in the production of the manufacturers, which will affect our work, so we will encounter problems in production. What’s the problem? Improve product quality, brighter label color, smooth hand feel, simplify the production process, greatly improve production efficiency, in-mold labeling products have strong applicability, low loss, no warping, and are waterproof, oil-proof and acid-resistant. Alkali and friction resistance, label products can be recycled at the same time, which simplifies the regeneration process and takes into account the environmental protection.

Product Features
Pure new material production
More than ten years of production experience
Safe and reliable

Product Parameters
Usage: Sauce bottle/Oil bottle
Product name: PET Plastic Sauce Bottles
Volume: 1L
Shape: Square Shape
Color: Transparent
Neck size: 27mm
Use: Sauce/Oil
Plastic Type: PET
Place of Origin: CN
Base Material: PET
Body Material: PET
Collar Material: PET
Sealing Type: cap

Application and After-Sales Service
Sauce, Cooking oil, Vinegar and other liquid packaging.

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