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Oil Bottles

Product introduction
The oil bottle is made of food contact grade materials, produced in a dust-free workshop. The use of plastic products is very common in life, easy to use, easy to carry, and has been recognized by the majority of customers. Regarding the grip of plastic packaging, there are not many companies that pay attention to this piece now. In fact, the grip and convenience of plastic bottle packaging are related to people’s after-sales impression of a product. From laundry detergent plastic bottles to shampoo plastic bottles to beverage plastic bottles, these plastic bottles are generally PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles, and PVC plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are used in a wide variety of ways, with varying attempts. Colleagues, plastic bottle packaging products are also very different, which makes plastic bottle packaging products in various shapes, but the only constant purpose is that plastic bottle packaging must have a comfortable grip and a good user experience.

Product Features
Pure new material production
More than ten years of production experience
Safe and reliable

Product Parameters
Usage: Oil/sauce
Product name: Oil Bottles
Color: Transparent
Neck size: 39mm
Industrial Use: OIL PACKAGING
Use: Oil/Sauce
Plastic Type: PET
Place of Origin: CN
Base Material: PET
Body Material: PET
Collar Material: PET
Sealing Type: cap

Application and After-Sales Service
Cooking oil, olive oil, sauce, and other liquid packaging.

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