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Sauce Bottle With Handle

Product introduction
The sauce bottle with handle is made of food contact grade materials, produced in a dust-free workshop. Through independent research and development and technological innovation, reduce the cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies, and avoid the problem that many plastic materials conforming to green packaging cannot be applied in large areas due to high costs: develop bio-based plastics and effectively regulate the time for bioplastics to explain and cycle. While giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials, reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment. Plastic packaging is based on green environmental protection, and then enhances the functional compounding and high performance of plastic packaging.

Product Features
Pure new material production
More than ten years of production experience
Safe and reliable

Product Parameters
Usage: Sauce bottle/Oil bottle
Product name: PET Plastic Sauce Bottles
Volume: 1L, 1.3L, 1.7L, 1.9L, 2L
Shape: Round Shape
Color: Transparent
Neck size:27mm
Use: Sauce/Oil
Plastic Type: PET
Place of Origin: CN
Base Material: PET
Body Material: PET
Collar Material: PET
Sealing Type: cap

Application and After-Sales Service
Sauce, Cooking oil, Vinegar, and other liquid packaging.

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