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Are Soy Sauce Plastic Bottles Good?


Soy sauce plastic bottles are the most used soy sauce bottles, gradually replacing traditional glass bottles. They are widely used due to their low price and overcoming the fragility of glass.
In the past, soy sauce bottles were all packaged in glass bottles, which had the disadvantages of heavy weight, fragility, and great damage from fragments, making them inconvenient to transport and use. In the early years, the development station of the plastic industry was still relatively backward, so it was widely used. With the rise of the plastic industry at home and abroad, the output of plastic is large and the price is low. Its value in packaging has gradually been discovered and many advantages have been discovered, and it has become the main material for various packaging.

At present, there are several categories of soy sauce bottles on the market, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, and plastic barrels. Among them, plastics account for more than 95% of the market share, and the original glass soy sauce bottle packaging has been gradually eliminated. Glass bottles are still used in small bottles of soy sauce under 500ML, but glass bottles can no longer be used in large bottles over 500ML or even in large buckets of several kilograms, and the huge weight of the bottle becomes unrealistic. Therefore, plastic bottles are currently the most ideal soy sauce packaging bottles.
Many people have heard rumors that plastic products are poisonous and release toxic carcinogens, etc., probably because the plastic is heated to a certain extent or burns to give off a plastic smell. In fact, the plastics we use every day are internationally recognized for food packaging and are not toxic in themselves. The chemical properties are also very stable. It will take hundreds of years to degrade slowly in its natural state. If there is any substance released, it will not become a white pollutant; even if it is heated to a melting state, as long as its chemical properties remain unchanged, it will Nothing is released, just a plastic smell. However, burning plastic does produce harmful substances into the air, so don’t burn garbage at will.

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