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Talking About The Grip And Convenience Of Plastic Bottle Packaging


Regarding the grip of plastic packaging, there are not many companies that pay attention to this piece now. In fact, the grip and convenience of plastic bottle packaging are related to people’s after-sales impression of a product. These plastic bottles are generally PET plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles, and PVC plastic bottles, from laundry detergent plastic bottles to shampoo plastic bottles to beverage plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are used in a wide variety of ways, with varying attempts. Colleagues, plastic bottle packaging products are also very different, which makes plastic bottle packaging products in various shapes, but the only constant purpose is that plastic bottle packaging must have a comfortable grip and a good user experience.
First of all, in terms of grip, the plastic bottle must be convenient for consumers to hold with one hand. This is the most fundamental principle. Because only in this way can consumers be able to carry and use it, we see that most beverage bottles can be drunk with one hand. Easy to lift. However, now many plastic bottles are getting bigger and bigger, especially some bottles of detergent and laundry detergent, which gradually ignore the effort when users lift them with one hand. Especially for some female consumers, it is more inconvenient to use.
For plastic bottle packaging, the fields involved are very wide. In the past period of time, the domestic market demand for plastic bottles has grown rapidly. However, with the transformation and upgrading of the domestic economy and the slowdown of economic growth, it is impossible for the demand for plastic bottles to maintain high growth, coupled with the impact of other new packaging materials. In this regard, domestic plastic bottle manufacturers urgently need to find new breakthroughs to maintain market space.

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