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The Focus Of Plastic Bottle Manufacturers In The World


Since the production of plastic bottles, there has been a revolution in human beings, discarding the bulky metal and ceramics, as a substitute for the most important life of human beings, and gradually entering the stage of history. Plastic bottles are made of some raw materials under high temperature and high pressure. In the hands of plastic bottle manufacturers, professional operators turn them into exquisite plastic bottles, which are light and have good sealing performance, and can be used for any solid and liquid. The following will be announced by our Zibo Haixia Plastic Co., LTD: the five major highlights of the plastic bottle process that the world is paying attention to.

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1. high coverage. Plastic bottles go to almost every corner of the world. This phenomenon is very rare in human history, including mineral water bottles, shampoo and shower gel, and cosmetic plastic bottles. These daily care plastic bottles go to more than 200 countries around the world.
2. high reuse rate. Many plastic bottles are not only disposable but also have a high rate of reuse. Some plastic bottles can be used for more than several years, such as those for furniture. Therefore, this phenomenon is very rare, and no alternatives have been found that can replace it widely and at a low cost. Glass and ceramics are fragile, and metals are expensive
3. High pollution. The widespread use of plastic bottles has also led to widespread white pollution, mainly plastic bags and those non-PET plastic bottles. These landfills are time-consuming and far outpace production.
4. low cost. The biggest advantage of plastic bottles is their low cost. Low cost has led to a major reason why plastic bottles can be widely used by others. Generally, in rare cases, we maintain a relatively good cost advantage, and plastic bottles will continue to be mainstream in this era.
5. Low standards. There seems to be no definite standard for plastic bottles in this industry. What kind of plastic bottle has reached the standard, what is the content standard, and whether this plastic bottle can be used or not are relatively low standards, except for the medical industry or dairy products. The industry is outside the standard that needs to judge plastic bottles according to different requirements. The demand for plastic bottles in other industries is relatively small! It is precise because there are not too many standards that plastic bottles produced by plastic bottle manufacturers can be used for anything, as long as they can be used.

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